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Worcester Greenstar System Filter

Protect your system with a Worcester Greenstar system filter

Maintaining clean water within your central heating system will help to extend the life of your boiler and it’s internal components.

As water travels round your heating system it becomes dirty and can damage your boiler and it’s internal working parts. This can reduce heating efficiency and lead to expensive boiler breakdowns.

Protect your central heating system with the Greenstar System Filter from just £249 (supplied and fitted).

Boiler Protection

Maintaining clean water within your central heating system will help to extend the life of your boiler and it’s internal components.

Debris and particles traveling within your water can quickly lead to blockages and cause damage to your boiler and internal parts. Heat exchangers, pumps and valves are at risk of failing. This can significantly increase the chance of system failure.

Powerflushing to clean the system, inhibitor to protect the system. we provide these 2 as part our our standard boiler installation and always recommend that a system filter is also fitted to further protect your system.

By choosing to fit a Greenstar System Filter you can benefit from extended manufacturer guarantee of up to 10 years.

Boiler Protection

Protecting your system will

Safeguarading your system will

protect key boiler components

We only install A-rated energy efficient boilers. To ensure that your boiler remains operating at maximum efficiency levels we highly recommend that a filter is fitted. Without one it can take as little as 3 weeks for particles such as magnetite and limescale to accumulate. Possible to reduce the efficiency of your boiler from A to D. This means the boiler has to work harder to achieve the required temperature level. Radiators are also at risk of becoming blocked causing them to have cold spots and not operate at

You can save up to 6% on your energy bills whilst benefiting from a warmer home and quieter heating system. Also help to reduce your homes CO2 emissions.

How does it work?

The Worcester Greenstar System Filter works by removing metallic debris thats builds up within your water. It achieves this through a high powered internal magnet present within the filter that attracts and collects meteallic particles travelling through the system.

Protects against a high range of system debris

Can remove iron oxide particles, magnetite and other magnetic debris and can oven remove some non-metallic debris such as paint particles and flakes – caught by a ‘cyclone trap’ that’s part of the filter design.

Works seamlessly with Worcester Greenstar boilers. Tested to exacting standards by the UK’s leading boiler manufacturer so you can expect high quality parts and performance.

Comes with a 2 years parts guarantee but when fitted as part of a new boiler installation can extend your boiler guarantee.

When fitting a new boiler system we ensure that your system is flushed and cleaned to remove any sludge and internal corrosion, we add inhibitors to protect.

We’ll also include a filter service as part of our standard boiler service providing that we’ve fitted the filter to your system in the first place.

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