Magnaclean Installation

Why choose a Magnaclean System Filter

  • Higher flow rates for hot water delivery
  • High performance showering & fast filling baths
  • Space saving – no requirement for a separate water tank in the loft space
  • Quieter mains pressure system - no noisy cistern in the loft

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Fitting a MagnaClean to your central heating system is cost-effective way to improve your system efficiency which could save you money on your energy bills.

As well as saving money on your heating bills you’ll also significantly reduce your carbon footprint, helping to make sure that the world is a cleaner and safer place for future generations.

Benefits of installing a MagnaClean filter

  • Reduce your fuel bills
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Improve radiators performance
  • Protect your boiler and extend it’s lifespan
  • Maintain your boiler efficiency
  • Save on expensive boiler repair costs

What is a MagnaClean?

A MagnaClean is a filter that’s attached to your central heating system which collects the sludge and debris that accumulates over time and travels around your central heating system.

Over time, as you use your central system, deposits of Iron Oxide form inside form as a result of chemical reactions within the system itself. As the sludge and other particles travel in the water around your pipes and radiators it can build up and cause cold spots on your radiators. Ultimately this can lead to boiler breakdowns.

A major benefit is to protect the heat exchanger in the boiler and stop the pipes becoming clogged with debris so that the water flow is at a higher pressure. This means your home will heat up faster and the system run more efficiently. This also reduces strain on your system pump.

How does a MagnaClean work?

As the name might suggest, MagnaClean works on the principle of magnetism. As the debris is transported around your system by the water a highly powerful magnet within the filter collects the debris and sludge. the system water is forced multiple times around the magnetic core so that the majority of debris is captured during the first pass of the magnet.

The filter should be fitted on the return to the boiler, after the last radiator on the system so that it can effectively collect the sludge that would otherwise be in your system and costing you money on energy bills.

How much does a MagnaClean cost?

The cost of installing a MagnaClean is probably less than you think and can also be included as part of a new boiler installation.

The installation process can take anywhere between 1-4 hours depending on things like boiler position, whether we need to drain down the system, the number of radiators in your home, and whether we encounter any problem when filling up the system and bleeding your radiators.

Based on these facts we’ve calculated the average price below:

ServiceAvg. Price
Supply and Fit Magnaclean£230.00

MagnaClean Service

MagnaClean filters should be serviced once a year, usually at the same time as your annual boiler service. This will involve cleaning the magnet inside the filter using specialist tools and equipment. take apart your filter and clean it using before reassembly and testing your system.



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