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Do you have a radiator problem that needs fixing or the requirement for a radiator installation?

We’ve been repairing radiators and replacing radiators as part of our core service for years and have seen all types of problems. We’ve never been in a situation where we’ve been unable to find a solution and get your room back to temperature again. We even carry electric oil-filled radiators in our vans so that we can leave you with a temporary fix should a new radiator be required.

Radiators are heated by hot water from the boiler. The hot water travels through the pipes of your central heating system to each radiator and heats to the room.

Radiator should heat up evenly all throughout your property. This is achieved by ensuring that the water flow to each radiator is even. Making sure your heating system is properly balanced is accomplished by adjusting the lockshield valve on each radiator.

Turning off radiators in certain rooms can save money but it does mean that the adjacent rooms might have a slightly lower temperature. This is because a balanced system relies on all the radiators working at the same time to achieve individual room temperature.

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Radiator Repair

Leaking radiators are the common type of radiator problem that we are called out for. Other common faults are that radiators are too hot or not heating up at all. For whatever reason, your radiator has stopped working you’ll probably want some expert advice to try to figure out whats causing the problem.

In cases where you can’t resolve the problem yourself we’re on hand to come to your rescue.

Radiators are an integral part of your home heating system and usually the sole source of heating a room. When they fail it’s a pain and you’ll want to get them back in operation as quickly as possible so that you can get back to putting your feet up and enjoying a cosy and warm home.

Radiator Bleeding

Radiators can also become filled with air and they will require bleeding to release some of the air. This is usually the case when the radiator is cold at the top yet warm at the bottom.

To function properly a radiator must be full of water and have no air inside. Trapped air inside a radiator is usually identified through cold spots, or cool spots, that can be found by running your hand across the external surface of the radiator. Make sure the radiator isn’t blazing hot when performing this test otherwise you might burn your fingertips.

If you do find a cold spot the air trapped inside will need releasing. This is achieved through an air release valve/vent that can be turned by a key. Make sure that when performing this procedure the radiator is cold.

Radiator Flushing

Over time radiators can become less efficient and even blocked as debris and sludge accumulate inside your central heating system which can mindset inside the radiators in your house. In such cases, a chemical flush or powerflush can be a good solution to getting your radiators working back at temperature. This is usually the case when the radiator is cold at the bottom yet warmer at the top.

Radiator Removal

If you need a plumber to remove your radiators for decorating purposes then give us a call to organise a convenient date and time that you’d like us to attend and carry out the job for you.

Radiator Replacement

In certain cases your radiator may require replacing, usually because of erosion or damage such as a hole. This can cause a radiator to leak and cannot be repaired, thus a replacement is required.

We can source an exact match to your existing radiators so that you don’t have to look around your home and be outraged by that one lone rad that doesn’t quite fit in. We’ll even collect the replacement for you and bring it to your home when we replace it.


It’s likely that your radiators are fitted with thermostatic radiator valves to give you even greater control of your central heating system. TRV’s can often malfunction and will need replacing. They are relatively cheap and replacing usually takes less than half an hour. Although we usually charge for an hour labour we can often charge for half hourly rate if the fix takes less than 15 minutes. please remember that this cost includes our time travelling to and from your property and also petrol.

We recommend that TRV’s are installed on all radiators as they can reduce costs so that you save money on your energy bills.

Radiator Positioning

The position of a new radiator may be dictated by tour existing plumbing pipework, but this needn’t necessarily be your only solution. We can reconfigure and even redesign your plumbing system and pipework so that it fits exactly with your requirements.

It’s very common to find a radiator placed below a window in a room. This might seem absurd because most people tend to think that the heat generated from the radiator is immediately lost through the window. However, the reason for positioning radiators beneath a window is so that the warm air generated by the radiator can heat the cold air entering the room through the window.

It might seem obvious to most but its worth pointing out that long curtains hanging over your radiators will impede/restrict the performance of the radiator.

Worcester Bosch, the leading manufacturer of boilers, also suggest that shelves over radiators can also impact on the performance of a radiator although it widely considered that a shelf above a radiator can, in fact, help push the heat back into the room and therefore be helpful in saving energy.

Placing furniture directly in front of a radiator can also impact on performance.



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