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Hampton is a leafy suburb on the northern banks of River Thames in Surrey. The name Hampton has been derived from Anglo Saxon terms ‘Hamm’ which means an enclosed space in the curve of a river and ‘Ton’ means settlement.

Hampton is in Greater London and governed by The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

From the year 1851 to 1911, Hampton saw an immense increase in the population and again in 1920s there was a 30% rise in the population. Hampton was in Middlesex until 1965 at the edge of London.

The town mainly includes the two Hampton railway stations and the Hampton Court Palace. The Tagg’s Island associated with the riverside of Hampton came to be known as Thames Riveria since 1920s. Hampton has mentions in various stories and novels by great English writers.


On the two sides of Hampton is the Bushy Park and it’s in the west of Kingston upon Thames and Hampton Wick. In Hampton there are long stretches of riverside and you have the Hampton Heated Open Air Pool in Greater London, one of the most sought after pools.

The riverside above the Molesey Lock has islands where people dwell and there are huge decorative buildings including the temple to Shakespeare, Garrick’s House and Astoria Houseboat recording studio on the river. One can access Thames by the Hampton Ferry and reach the Thames Path national Trail and Molesey.

You will find terraced homes in the north of Hampton and semi-detached homes in the South. A lot of working class people commute from the Western part of London to other countries or to the Central London for social work, education, service and business. Hampton is a very religious place with many churches in the locality. The Hampton and the Hampton Hill churches function together and these churches are listed buildings. The Postcode District TW12.



The main routes are A308 and A312 and these are the busiest bus routes. Some of the bus routes serving Hampton are 216, 111, R68 and R70. The routes 285 and 411 serve Hampton Hill and Hampton Court.

Buses from Hampton (pdf)


The main Hampton (London) station is towards South-west which and the Fulwell station is towards the north of Hampton Hill. Both these railway stations are on the Shepperton Line. The Hampton Wick station is on the Kingston Loop Line and the Hampton Court Branch Line covers Tudor, Stuart, Georgian Palace and Gardens. London-Waterloo is the London terminus for both railway lines.


Hampton boasts of different communities that aim to bring people of the society together for a good cause. Linden Hall Community Centre is a place where people can connect and enjoy various activities, its both for adults and kids. The Hampton Society is formed of a group of residents and a community which is over 60 years old. This community aims to preserve and boost the beauty and interest of the area to encourage more sense of sharing, responsibility, communication and arranging various events round the year. For the business class people, there is the Hampton Village Traders Association. YOU can also be a part of the YMCA White House, Linden hall and Hampton Social Club. Some more communities are Hampton Food Bank, Hampton Pools Trust, Hampton Women’s Institute and Hampton on Thames Community Association. There is another community known as the Hampton People’s Network which is run by volunteers and funded by Hampton Social Club. Some of the eminent people living here is actress Hayley Mills and actor Bill Milner.


List of Schools are:

Colleges are:


Shopping in Hampton is so very local, you will be amazed by the wide range of services and the products the stores offer. These suburban shops are small, thus not a part of the nationwide market but the collections are excellent. Now coming to food and drinks, Hampton has a lot to offer with a number of pubs, cafes and restaurants, also takeaway counters. Local eating is fun here and you can try joints like Bell Inn, Hampton Spice, Dempsey’s café and Takeaway, Hampton Village Grill, Jolly Coopers, Monafs, Marini’s Quality Fish & Chops, Plenty Deli, Sweet café and Taste.

Visit Hampton Court Palace; you can try out food at Henry’s Kitchen at the Court Palace. Head to the Bushy Park, the massive grassland where you can spot deers roaming freely.

Take your kids to the Magic Garden, a big play area for kids or go to the serene Crane Park. There is a multi-recreational area known as Carlisle Park and do not miss the Garrick’s Ait on Thames.

The Hampton Court Palace Show is the biggest yearly flower show in the world mainly taking place in 2nd to 8th July in 2018. Just be here if you get a chance, this show celebrates the beauty of summer season. On Sunday afternoons, enjoy the Shakespeare exhibition at Garrick’s Temple, it is all about music, episodes of summer drama and exhibitions taking place from early April to 30th October every year.

For the sports lovers, Hampton takes interest in Rugby at Rugby Union and football at Non-League football club Hampton. For leisure activities, you can head to the Hampton Heated Open Air Pool and Gym.

Enjoy the Hampton Life!!


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