Richmond upon Thames


Richmond is the suburb located in the south-west of London and it is seated on the meander of River Thames. This area has a lot of open spaces, quite a few parks and you can get a scenic view of the River from Richmond.

The town got its name from Richmond Palace built by Henry VII way back in the 16th century. The Richmond Bridge was built and completed in 18th century and a large number of Georgian terraces were also built. In 1846, the railway station was opened and it was a grand event in the town.

First Richmond was a part of Surrey County but in 1965, the town was transferred to London. Now, Richmond proudly claims to be a part of the ‘London Borough’ and has a significant population. Richmond was an agricultural land before the 18th Century; it went through a huge development in the 18th and 19th century.


Richmond on Thames is located just opposite to East Twickenham, which is the south bank of Thames. Near the town, the Thames curves and the river is tidal at Richmond which allows passengers and goods to operate during low tide.

There are a lot of greens and open spaces available in Richmond, mainly accessible to the people. Right in the centre of the town there is Richmond Green, square shape greenery stretching along 12 acres.

You can access the shopping area from the south corner; the old gate is in the west which leads to the palace. From the north corner you can access the 360 acre Old Deer Park via walking, The Crown Estate and The Royal Botanical Gardens. The main shopping street of the town is the George Street. Towards the south of the centre of the town are Richmond Hill and the Richmond Park, a natural reserve.

Richmond upon Thames is a Jewel in the crown of London and it’s a very attractive borough. It’s a favourite retreat of the rich, Royalty and famous personalities. This town is full of open spaces, historic buildings, museums, theatres, exhibits, galleries and town centre. It’s a town that is very well connected to London.


Almost 30% of people living in Richmond upon Thames do not own a van or car. This area is liked excellently; there are trains and buses for commuting.


  • Richmond station
  • There is district line which is towards Upminster
  • North Sheen station
  • Waterloo to reading Line enroute to Windsor and Weybridge
  • London Overground


The main road of Richmond upon Thames is the A316 which runs between Chiswick and the M3 runs from between Old Deer Park and to the town located in the north. The centre of the town is on A307 which is the best link between London and northwest Surrey. There are so many London buses serving Richmond like 33, 65, 190, 337, 371, 391, N22, H22, H 37, R 68 and R 70.


Community life is active in Richmond upon Thames; it’s a borough where locals take a lot of interest in communities. Here there is a sustainable and vibrant community culture and a voluntary sector that helps the residents to play an active role in community life. The vision is to ensure that people are happy, enjoying lives have opportunities to grow, learn and deliver full potential. All the people reside safety and is respected, there is celebration of diversity and work is done to protect the environment. People take initiative and interest in heath, well-being and a better future.

There is the Richmond upon Thames Council for Voluntary Service that aim at charity and non-profit activities. Anyone interested can become a volunteer and work for the society. This borough boasts of more than 700 charities and non-profit organisations working together to make a difference.

The Richmond Society is a civic society founded in 1957 and its formed by a group of locals. This group acts for preserving the natural environment of Richmond.

The Richmond Local History Society organises talks about various historic topics and places of interest. It’s a journal that is published thrice a year.

Schools and colleges:

  • Archdeacon Cambridge’s CE Primary School
  • Bishop Perrin CE Primary School
  • Nelson Primary School
  • St Richard’s CE Primary School
  • The Queen’s CE Primary School
  • Christ’s School
  • Grey Court School
  • Richmond park Academy
  • Orleans Park School
  • The Richmond Upon Thames School

Further education:

  • St Richard Reynolds Catholic College
  • Richmond University


Restaurants and pubs

Richmond has too many public houses and people here love to have fun after work. There are pubs and cafes along the river and up the hill that serves different tastes and a variety of dishes and drinks. Go to ‘The Cricketers’ that serves beer the people since 1770. Then there is the Whitebread Brewery, Roebuck, The Old Ship, White Cross and Britannia. Most of the famous restaurants are located in close proximity to the Richmond Bridge. There are many private restaurants that offer world class cuisines from across the globe. You can visit the Bingham Hotel to fine dine in a rustic environment. The Petersham Restaurant is a must visit when you are in this town. Go to the Gaucho Richmond for the best steaks and if interested you can book a stay in Horses and Coach Hotel.


There are two theatres in Richmond upon Thames, the Richmond Theatre which is a Victorian structure. This theatre schedules weekly musicals, shows, concerts and plays. There is the Orange Tree theatre just above The Orange Tree pub, a 172 seat theatre that mainly houses old plays. There are two cinema halls Odeon cinema and The Arthouse Curzon, both are amazing. You can also visit the museum of Richmond.


In Richmond upon Thames one can indulge in leisure activities like field sports in the Old Deer Park which has a leisure centre named Pools on the Park. There are cricket clubs, golf courses and Rugby unions. One can also indulge in cycling, horse riding and boating in Skiffs.

Places of interest

When in Richmond, you have a lot of options to visit here and there like the beautiful Richmond Hill, 2500 acres Richmond Park, the filmy Ham House, massive Kew Garden and the brick mansion Kew Palace. You have a lot to explore in the Richmond Park in weekends, you can shop in the Petersham Nurseries and enjoy in a family-style restaurant named Stein’s. When in this town, you have plenty to do.


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