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Saniflo macerators and pumps

Saniflo are a range of macerators, grinders, pumps and other products that can be used to discharge water, and waste, from conventional toilets, sinks or baths, urinals and even washing machines and dishwashers.

Saniflo before and after

Why you should consider Saniflo?

  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to install
  • Great for small or large projects

Quick and easy installation

A Saniflo system can be quick and easy solution for many types of installation including bathrooms and toilets, utility rooms, laundry rooms, shower rooms.


The flexibility of Saniflo products means you can have your installation almost anywhere – because they don’t rely on traditional gravity fed water systems. This means that you can choose to install your project well below your sewer line or any distance away from your soil stack.

Saniflo offers a perfect solution for turning your basement, closet, garage, under the stairs, or even a spare bedroom in to new space. Saniflo is also a great solution for many commercial ventures such a port-e-cabins, floating homes and outhouses.

Quick and easy installation

We can install and repair a full range of both residential and commercial grade products depending on your project requirement. We are familiar with all the different models and sizes that are used in all type of application.

One of the best things about Sanilfo is that above-the-ground plumbing means that you don’t have to break walls and flooring to install.


Breaking concrete is labour intensive and can undermine structural integrity if not carried out professionally.

The time saved on not having to perform intense labour tasks means a Saniflo installation is a very cost effective solution.

In addition to macerating and grinding pumps Saniflo offer a range of complimentary products including china toilets, toilets tanks and piping. Of course you can always install any conventional toilet of your choice with Saniflo products. can even have wall hung toilets.

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