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Do you need a new tap fitted, replaced or maybe a tap repair? We Install. We Repair. We Replace.

Our expert plumbers are able to repair or replace your taps due to leaks or drips. Whether it’s a bathroom tap, kitchen tap or outside tap our plumber can have it repaired or replaced quickly and efficiently.

Did you know?

A dripping hot water tap can waste enough hot water to fill half a bath in just one week. We recommend fixing any leaking taps right away and always make sure that they’re all fully turned off.

Call us today on 020 3880 5666 if you need to repair or replace your kitchen or bathroom taps, as well taps in your outdoor areas.

Your Guarantee

Our tap repairs and replacements carry our company’s written 12-month guarantee which covers all parts and labour

Tap Installation

The style of tap you choose to install is likely to depend on which room it will end up in. Bathroom taps and kitchen taps, although perform the same purpose, look distinctively different from one another in most cases.

There are so many different types of tap assembly to choose from depending on your personal taste, the water pressure in your property and your existing pipework configuration. Fittings will often depend on your existing sink, bath or shower but bathroom and kitchen plumbing reconfiguration is something we can help you with too.

Taps that are concealed can be a tough installation so we definitely recommend calling in an experienced plumber to tackle this type of job. When choosing Palace Plumbers your installation will be safe and worry-free and covered by our 12-month guarantee, giving you extra peace-of-mind that in the unlikely event of anything going wrong we’ll make sure its repaired free of charge.

Tap Replacement

Tap replacements are a relatively simple procedure for any experienced plumber and, depending on the type of tap, should take about an hour.

We can replace any tap like-for-like. Use our online booking form and send a photo of your existing taps and we will find exact match for you from our extensive network of suppliers.

Tap Repair

We can quickly replace washers and faucets to repair leaking or dripping taps. We carry a range of types and sizes so that we are always well-equipped for on-the-spot repairs. For circumstances where the tap alloy is perforated and water is escaping a completely new tap unit may be required.

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