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If you have a broken toilet, problem with your toilet flush, toilet constantly running, toilet tanks and cistern problems, traditional handle flush, push button flush, problems with overflow pipes, valves and seals, floats and ballcocks, leaking toilets, we can even provide a full toilet installation service and can easily source like-for-like toilet bowls, cisterns and other components from our trusted suppliers.

How much will it cost?

There’s not much we haven’t seen when it comes to toilets, so we know roughly how long each job is likely to take beforehand. Here’s a rough guide for you:

TaskAverage Cost
Toilet siphon replacement – (1hr)£80.00
Toilet Installation – (2hrs)£160.00

Common toilet problems

We’ve seen it all and we’ve repaired it all when it comes to toilets. Because they are used so often they are one of the most common jobs we get called out to. The most common toilet plumbing jobs we come across range from blocked toilets to leaking cistern, broken flushes and other parts including valves, ballcocks and pipes.

Common toilet problems:
  • leak coming from toilet
  • loud noise when toilet flushed
  • toilet not flushing properly
  • constant overflow
  • broken handle
  • push button flush not working
  • toilet constantly running
  • cistern taking too long to refill
  • leak from toilet pipework or flexi hoses

Our vans are stocked with an assortment of the most common toilet parts and components so we can usually fix most broken toilets on our first visit. In times when we don’t have the part on our van we rely on our excellent local network of suppliers, which means we can usually collect the part we need and return to fix your toilet in around 30-minutes.

Common toilet parts and components:
  • cistern
  • flush handle
  • handle arm
  • flush valve
  • fill valve
  • button flush
  • overflow tube
  • flapper
  • ballcock / float
  • float arm
  • siphon
  • soil pipes

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Replacing toilet parts

We can replace parts such as washer and rubber gaskets, which often disintegrate over time, particularly when the toilet is unused for any considerable length of time (maybe you’ve been on holiday) and there are chemicals inside the cistern. drop-in toilet bowl cleaners etc should be removed and the system flushed several times if you are going on holiday. These in-tank cleaners can often contain powerful agents such as bleach which can reduce the lifespan of your toilet components over time.

We carry a stock of the most common replacement toilet parts for most styles and makes of toilets. If a stock isn’t ready on the vans we probably have it in our stock room. For all other times, we can usually pop to one of our many suppliers to pick up the required part.

Did you know?

  • Toilets with flush handles have a siphon in the cistern.
  • Toilets with push-button flushes have either a drop-valve or a flap-valve in the cistern.

This is because a siphon needs to lift water in order to start the toilet flushing process. A push button doesn’t have enough force to accomplish this so a flush handle will always be necessary.

Toilet Installation – You buy, we fit

You might prefer to source your own toilet or components and just need to to do a professional installation for you. That’s no problem at all. We can even pick the parts up for you (although we do charge for this service). The benefit of using us is that you get a professional job done quickly and safely. We even offer a 12-month guarantee on any parts and labour that we supply.

If you are buying the new parts yourself it’s a good idea to take the old parts with you so that they can be replaced like-for-like. If you are unsure about removing parts you can take some photo’s, send them to us, or even take them with you to the plumbing store so that the assistant can help you select the right replacement part. If you know the make and model of your toilet that’s even better. This information is usually on inside the toilet tank/cistern or on the underside of the cistern lid.

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